We help startups with growth. Why? Legacy.

Benefits of focused growth


Focus on growth

Strengthen your strategies for optimal growth.


Generate healthy revenue

Uncover opportunities you may be missing.


Live your legacy

Be intentional about living the story you want.

How we do it

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We listen to understand you, your wants, vision, legacy, challenges, and more. Through key questions, we take time to understand your context so we can help accelerate your growth.
Strategy fails if executed poorly. We help you strategize with a strong emphasis on lean growth and creative thinking. By observing your execution, you'll always have an outsider who affirms your direction. Business is constantly evolving.
Our purpose is to help you work smarter on your startup. Being detached from your day-to-day operations gives us a unique perspective that helps you avoid blind spots. We share startup and personal advice relevant to keep growing in alignment with your legacy.

Our founders never settle and are relentlessly driven.

If you have the courage to be different, continue reading. If not, stop now.

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The Benefits

Increase efficiency

We know tools to help you work smarter.

Save time/money

Avoid waste by focusing on what matters.

Accelerate growth

We obsess over effectiveness of what you do.

Strengthen strategy/execution

Our progressive strategies help you grow.

Personal support

You get 1-on-1 personalized support.

Identify opportunities

Avoid blind spots and uncover opportunities.

Stay on offense

Play for the marathon in the right direction.

Live your legacy

Live the legacy with the business you want.

and much more...

E-mail is timeless and responded to within 24 hours. But it's more than e-mail. It's audio memos, videos, screenshots, or screencasts, explaining what you need to know to be better.
You get access to our extensive experience with startups, people, and technology. Our intimate understanding of these areas allows us to strengthen your strategies with the purpose of living your legacy.
We'll discuss strategy, execution, challenges, initiatives, and more. We care about your legacy. Get the full day service and we'll dive even deeper into what employees and customers are saying, and more research to keep you moving in the right direction.

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Get a monthly growth partner for your startup. Avoid poor decisions and reality distortion now. You'll have a focused partner with a growth-mindset.

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