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We equip business leaders with more ease, happiness, and success

We do this by consulting, creating insight and bettering language habits.

Our values


We believe the quality of our work is reflected by our communication. We listen for what is spoken and what is not spoken.


Understanding the context of people and projects we work with enable us to better serve our clients. The more we know the better we can affect.


More than projects where we know we can make a difference, we first seek people who share our beliefs and values. We are people first.


The world we see

  • Self-awareness for entrepreneur Michele

    Empowerment of People

    Being strengthens doing

    We see a world where people feel empowered doing what they do. This begins with valuing personal expression. This begins with allowing our people to feel empowered in being who they are.

  • Self-awareness for entrepreneur Nick

    Doing the Work

    Embracing organic genius

    We see a world where people do the work that only they can do. The work that they love doing and feel inspired doing. This work, that is their art, is life-giving.

  • Self-awareness for entrepreneur Chris

    Alignment to Vision

    A place to come from

    We see a world where groups of people align to a future vision. This vision is clear, articulated well, and has buy-in from all levels of an organization.

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