Bot Automation

Find freedom from inefficient processes.

Discover what bot automation can do in your organization.

What is bot automation?

Bot automation connects various processes with technology to reduce human intervention.

Why automate with a bot?

To prevent people from doing repetitive tasks unnecessarily. The results from our work can include time savings, increased profit, improved efficiencies, process accountability, better brand experiences, brand alignment, awards, error reduction, marketing personalization, personal value and more.

What can you automate with a bot?

Our focus is on customized automation that serves the workflows and processes within an organization. This can include anything from processing data on websites to taking attendance via text message.

How do you know what to automate?

This is our art. A thoughtful discovery process yields what we can automate and what value we can create.

Who do you work with?

Pending our availability, we work with purpose-driven organizations who value their people, sustainability, and a long-term vision.

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Read what others are saying.

  • Self-awareness for entrepreneur Michele

    Kevin McCarl

    Research Scientist, Novatia, LLC

    "Matthew at HX Works has been a pleasure to work with over the past year. I especially appreciate his conscientiousness and attention to detail. His thoroughness when communicating made sure everyone was on the same page with no ambiguity. Matthew’s inquisitive nature led him to go beyond the minimum and truly understand what our company does on a daily basis. Matthew was always friendly and complimentary, which enhanced my personal interactions with him over the course of our project work. I strongly recommend having a discussion with Matthew to explore how he may be able to serve your organization."

  • Self-awareness for entrepreneur Nick

    James Cassuto

    OT App Design, LLC

    "Matthew at HX Works helped us automate a time consuming task with a simple, powerful, and user friendly tool. Together, we automated an analysis process that normally consumed 5 minutes per sample to one that now takes 2 seconds. Our project uses Google's Artificial Intelligence Vision APIs and Matthew worked closely with us to understand the workflow needed from our end and that of our customers. This tool has freed us up to focus on business execution, improve customer satisfaction, and gain back some quality time for our family. Matthew genuinely cared for our company and the outcome of the project. We have felt taken care of throughout this process and it has been enjoyable. We strongly recommend requesting a discovery call with Matthew to see what possibilities may exist for you."

  • Self-awareness for entrepreneur Chris

    Chris Yoko

    CEO, Yoko Co

    "You'll meet few people in your life who are well versed in both the languages of tech and emotion. Matthew is one of those people - he considers the human component of every interaction, and is happy to dive to any level of technical depth to ensure those interactions are positive. Not only is he able to keep perspective himself, he also focuses on helping those he works with keep their eye to the horizon and not get lost in the weeds. I can't think of a situation where his input wouldn't be of tremendous value, and if you've the opportunity to work together I'd certainly recommend you take it.

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