Words from our founder...

The "HX" in HX Works stands for the Human Experience.

Our work serves the human experience.

Our bot automation technology provides organizations freedom from inefficiencies.

It serves people in doing work that only people can do.

Our work around language habits unpacks language as a tool.

It helps people see and understand how their language serves them.

Our favorite clients are purpose-driven and doing meaningful work.

They share our values. Our values include...

Freedom. We value our freedom to live true to who we are.

Curiosity. We are curious about the world and always learning.

Relationships. We care about our relationships and those around us.

Health. We value our mental, physical and emotional health.

Lifestyle. We seek to create the lifestyle that keeps us inspired.

Impact. We act and do what we do to make an impact.

Experience. We value collecting experiences.

Outdoors. We feel inspired and alive out in nature.

Communication. We know that to create our future, we must communicate well.

Fun. While we exist intently, we like to laugh and have fun.

We get called when new possibilities are required.

Possibilities that require bot automation or a new perspective.

It begins with a conversation.

– Matthew
Consultant & Confidant at HX Works
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