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What are language habits?

Language habits are the combination of words an individual uses to describe what they see. We believe language is a tool.

Why are language habits important?

Language habits are often the root of experiences, thoughts and feelings. It is the "thing behind the thing."

What can language habits get you?

Improving language habits can serve someone in leading a life of happiness and success with ease. It enables interpersonal and self-leadership skills.

How do you work with language habits?

We hold the space for conversations to create better language habits. This space exists on phone calls or in offline experiences and adventures. We also have a powerful technology that's designed to help individuals examine their language.

Who do you work with?

We work with successful individuals who desire to live better. They are action-oriented, open-minded, value impact and are willing to change. Their vision of the world serves the legacy they are living.

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We wrote an ebook highlighting common patterns we have noticed that slow down success. These 35 blockers we identified can help you understand what may slow you down, or even prevent you, from getting what you want.

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Self-awareness for Entrepreneurs: Strengthen Vision

Insightful Conversation

Our insightful conversations can be fun. Adventurous. Intense. And sometimes uncomfortable. Wherever we go, you will walk away from our call in sight of the way forward that is true for who you are and where you are.

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Self-awareness for Entrepreneurs: Increase Focus

Language Mastery

This special offering is limited to one person. You are committed and ready to play all out. This year-long commitment creates the space for our deepest and most powerful work. It will change who and how you are for your remaining years.

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Self-awareness for Entrepreneurs: Minimize Fear


Read what others are saying.

  • Self-awareness for entrepreneur Michele

    Michele Spiezia

    CEO, Bespoke Atelier

    "Matthew's approach is thoughtful, intuitive, mindful and deliberate-- each of our calls together has taken me on a deep dive, making connections and uncovering insights across both my personal & professional life. He's helped me strategize, find meaning & create change through an approach that is inquisitive, creating a healthy challenge to my default modes of thinking and behavior. The qualitative benefits of my time with him are immeasurable."

  • Self-awareness for entrepreneur Nick

    Nick Damiano

    CEO, Zenflow

    "Matthew and I have had a series of calls that have been extremely instrumental in helping me rethink and deal with challenges I've had as an entrepreneur. Maintaining a happy and motivated team is perhaps the most important factor in a startup's success, and he has helped me improve communication by increasing empathy, expressing vulnerability, and instilling a shared sense of purpose. Our calls helped me make key realizations about myself, my teammates, and our company's dynamic. Matthew has a deep understanding of what it takes to effectively run an early-stage team, and I would recommend having a conversation with him to any entrepreneur without hesitation."

  • Self-awareness for entrepreneur Chris

    Sandra DeLuca

    Business Owner

    "Matthew's willingness to hear the strengths and goals of a person and find relevant advice and ideas that will enhance a business trajectory is something few people can do well. His breadth of knowledge and experience adds value to our decision-making and often helps simplify what I think is too arduous or unattainable. He has an earnest and graceful way of working so that our group feels nurtured, safe and moves forward. He knows how to create a space for us to contribute and for us to get better at being supported."

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