We serve exceptional individuals.

Maybe you are the type of person in our community. If so...

You are successful.

Your version of reality has brought you to your current level of success. And yet, deep within, you know you have greater potential.

You can execute.

You have a track record of being action-oriented, taking the steps necessary to create what you desire.

You value impact.

You know, and value, the impact you want to have and are having, with your time on this earth.

You are willing.

You are willing to get out of your way, to take action, to slow down, to be seen, to be uncomfortable, to play full out.

You have a vision.

Your deep craving pushes you towards a better future that you see for yourself and others.

You value legacy.

Legacy is not about you, but it requires you – all of you. Legacy is about the stories told about the value you brought.

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Read Our Book

We wrote an ebook highlighting common patterns we have noticed that slow down success. These 35 blockers we identified can help you understand what may slow you down, or even prevent you, from getting what you want.

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Self-awareness for Entrepreneurs: Strengthen Vision

Insightful Conversation

Our insightful conversations can be fun. Adventurous. Intense. And sometimes uncomfortable. Wherever we go, you will walk away from our call in sight of the way forward that is true for who you are and where you are.

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Self-awareness for Entrepreneurs: Increase Focus

Weekend Adventure

You want to move faster. You want to go deeper and experience the power of what you can become in a one-on-one weekend adventure. To evolve into the next version of who you must become. Adventures are personalized for each individual.

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Self-awareness for Entrepreneurs: Gain Awareness

7-Day Accelerator

You are actively working on your project and you want to co-work in an inspiring part of the world. Daily insightful conversations, adventures, and real work can help you cement the person you are becoming.

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Self-awareness for Entrepreneurs: Discover Insights

Absolute Mastery

This special offering is limited to one person. You are committed and ready to play all out. This year-long commitment creates the space for our deepest and most powerful work. It will change who and how you are for your remaining years.

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Self-awareness for Entrepreneurs: Minimize Fear
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