36 Opportunities After COVID-19

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36 Opportunities After COVID-19

Many people see differently.

During a pandemic, we may see fearful outcomes.

Or not.

I am grateful that I get to focus on opportunities.

Here are a few:

  1. Opportunity for companies to see alternative ways of working
  2. Opportunity for people to learn how to live, learn, and work with others 
  3. Opportunity to start a new hobby (baking, cooking, reading, jump rope, painting, drawing)
  4. Opportunity to embrace vulnerability – the uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure, which could serve other areas of life
  5. Opportunity to learn how to be with ourselves differently, given a newfound sense of time with self
  6. Opportunity to ask big questions about purpose, values, and who we are
  7. Opportunity to learn more about the systems and infrastructure that support our livelihood (from the power grid, to what it takes to deliver water to our homes, to where our food comes from)
  8. Opportunity to get outdoors more and walk around the neighborhood, ride a bike, or garden
  9. Opportunity for the environment to change due to less pollution
  10. Opportunity for new businesses to thrive amidst a quickly changed economic structure/state/societal norms
  11. Opportunity for people to be reminded of the value that they get from other people
  12. Opportunity to value the simplicity of a hug or a handshake differently
  13. Opportunity to re-create a future vision with our collective value in mind
  14. Opportunity to practice (or work on) self-soothing and personal care, to serve uncertain times
  15. Opportunity to choose how each individual person will respond to this card all were dealt
  16. Opportunity to refine outdated and unnecessary processes that may have not served an organization (or an individual)
  17. Opportunity for empathy, compassion, and love for those who experience hardship
  18. Opportunity for a new story
  19. Opportunity to re-think how humanity does what it does
  20. Opportunity for government to learn more about the complexities that serves its structure
  21. Opportunity to rethink who we are as we interact in physical space
  22. Opportunity to see the world differently, perhaps with more value on the collective than the individual
  23. Opportunity to become more self-sustaining
  24. Opportunity to change relationships with money and future planning
  25. Opportunity to learn about coronavirus and what it is 
  26. Opportunity to plan for the next time a virus breaks out
  27. Opportunity to change our relationship with "what it means to prepare" (in all areas, from individuals to companies, from personal food storage to company savings)
  28. Opportunity to notice what may have been unnoticed prior - the flowers outside, the fresh air, the human touch, those that are loved, those that leaders lead
  29. Opportunity to be grateful, thankful, and appreciative for those who can "shelter in place" when others may not be able to do this (and other forms of gratitude)
  30. Opportunity to improve personal hygiene 
  31. Opportunity for leaders to do what they are called to do
  32. Opportunity to serve and be kind to others
  33. Opportunity to let go of the old and embrace the new normal (at least, for another ~year)
  34. Opportunity for restaurants, coffee shops and the like to find other ways to add value 
  35. Opportunity to help others
  36. Opportunity to donate finances to different groups in need

I wonder what opportunity you see.

By Matthew Gallizzi. Consultant. Thinking Partner. Strategic Advisor. He believes our language creates our world. He equips business leaders as they live into their future vision.

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