A Powerful Human

A Powerful Human

A powerful human.

"What kind of power?"

Personal power.

What if all other kinds of power stem from personal power?

Here are 10 components I see of someone who has refined their power.

Speak truth. 

This person speaks what is true for them. Without any fears, or anxieties, or uncertainties. 

When they speak their truth it is spoken with a grounded energy.

When they speak their truth, it is calm. It is caring. 

Actions reflect truth. 

Their actions reflect what they believe to be true.

Hint: they take action.

They are not stuck in gridlock or analysis by paralysis... they take action.

They have a bias and a natural inclination for it. 

They follow up, they show up, fully present. 

You can feel their presence.

Their ability to be present is felt. 

Their ability to listen and understand is known by those who share physical presence with them.

They are not distracted, stressed, depressed, anxious, or taken away by anything other than who they are.

It's not that they never had old ways of being such as this. They've done the inner work and are able to self-regulate who they are.

They understand their power.

They know where their power lives and where it does not.

They know what they can control and what they cannot control.

Their deep sense of knowing about their power allows them to keep it and never surrender it.

They are empathetic. 

Their ability to be with people is felt because they have the empathy to feel with, not for, others.

Their ability to be with others allows them to be understood. 

Their ability to be empathetic inspires those around them.

They have a vision. 

Instead of life affecting them, they affect their life.

And it begins with their vision.

Their vision of who they are and where they are going and who they are becoming.

Their vision of what they desire to see, feel, and hear, more of. 

They believe vulnerability is power.

Their belief around vulnerability shows up in how they take action.

Their relationship with uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure, despite having many setbacks in life, is strong. 

They allow themselves to be seen and to be uncomfortable.

Their vulnerability that they choose to live with inspires those around them.

They possess self-knowledge. 

Their truth, their actions, their presence, their power, their empathy, vision, vulnerability, is known and rooted in their self-knowledge.

Their self-knowledge allows them to know what is true for them.

Their self-knowledge allows them to align their truth with their actions.

Their self-knowledge allows them to self-regulate to be fully present with others.

Their self-knowledge allows them to understand the wholeness of their power.

Their self-knowledge allows them to be empathetic because they are able to see pieces of others in themselves.

Their self-knowledge allows them to have a vision because they have invested in unpacking what it is.

Their self-knowledge shows up in their vulnerability because they are able to express parts of themselves. 

I wonder what powerful human you are inspired by.

I wonder what characteristics of that person you can express more of in yourself. 

By Matthew Gallizzi. Known as the Business Consultant who creates new possibilities through conversation and technology. His results include time savings, revenue gains, personal value and business value.

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