How To Avoid Getting Stuck in Narrative

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How To Avoid Being Stuck in Narrative


A spoken or written account of connected events.

Or a story. 

The default path of action can often be to share a narrative.

To share your point of view.

To share your experience. 

To share what you saw and the meaning you gave it – whatever it is.

To avoid getting stuck...

Reflect, each day, at the end.

And challenge your narrative. 

Challenge the way you see what you experience.

If you are holding onto something in the past, challenge your interpretation of it. 

After all, your interpretation creates your experience. 

Create an interpretation, or a sight of your present experience, that serves you. 

It is not about the experience. 

It is about what the experience triggers in you. 

Create meaning that puts you in a position of strength.

Ask yourself this question:

"What do I get out of seeing this narrative?"

Understand your payoff. Your benefit. Your result. 

If it does not serve you, change your narrative.

By Matthew Gallizzi. Consultant & Confidant. He equips organizations with bot automation to help them save time. This results in increased profit, improved efficiencies, and process accountability.

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