Inside Job Versus Outside Job

Inside Job Versus Outside Job

In business, there are two types of jobs.

There are inside jobs and there are outside jobs.

Inside jobs are jobs that require us to set vision, purpose, values, and more. 

This process requires going within to create, or find, answers. 

Sometimes, this process happens alone and exists for one person.

Other times, this process begins in one person and affects many. Sometimes dozens or hundreds or thousands. 

Or in today's world, with the influence of technology, millions.

Inside jobs also involve habits such as changing the way we communicate. Or self-regulating the energy within when we show up.

And then, there are outside jobs.

Outside jobs do not necessarily require what is within. 

They require action.

They require showing up and doing.

They require consistency and persistence. 

Less thinking. Less inside work. More outside work. More doing. 

On the journey, at some point, you learn how one supports the other.

You learn how inside jobs support outside jobs. 

All the inner work serves the outer work. 

Sometimes, this is valued. Other times, it is not. 

I wonder how you can do the inner work that serves the outer work. 

By Matthew Gallizzi. Known as the Business Consultant who creates new possibilities through conversation and technology. His results include time savings, revenue gains, personal value and business value.

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