Language Environments

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Language Environments

The environments of language.

In different environments, language serves different purposes.

Language in the gym with a coach.

The language serves the purpose of provoking action.

Of creating a cadence amongst a group.

Language in the hospital with a doctor.

This language serves the health of the body.

It serves the extension of life.

Language in politics. 

This language serves the progression of a society.

A collection of people held to societal standards and rules and regulation.

In the name of how we co-exist.

Language in music.

This language serves the individual as a way of art.

A means of self-expression. A way of connecting to the deepest parts of our humanity.

And as such, the artist attracts those with a similar humanity.

Or a similar version of reality, anyway. 

Language in poetry.

This collection of words organized by characters dancing together are intended to create a form of play.

A play of language.

An orchestral performance created out of a splattering of phrases.

The poet writes to speak a form of a truth.

Perhaps it is their own. Or that of a group. 

Sometimes fun. Or dark. Or profound. Or defiant. 

Language in an organization.

And then, there is language in business.

Language to serve a common vision. A purpose. 

This language allows us to exist in a way that serves others. 

Language of the self.

This individual stream of language of self creates the spiderweb that we live within. 

It strengthens or weakens.

It pulls us toward who we are or pushes us away from who we are.

It creates an internal peace or it creates an internal war.

When we honor the context of our language we begin to honor its intended purpose.

And only then can we begin to use our language.

By Matthew Gallizzi. Consultant. Thinking Partner. Strategic Advisor. He believes our language creates our world. He equips business leaders as they live into their future vision.

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