Learning Privately Versus Publicly

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Learning Privately Versus Publicly


The process of acquiring knowledge.

The process of acquiring a skill.

The process of modifying behavior through practice and experience. 

This is an act of vulnerability. 

Being seen for who we are. 

There are different relationships with learning.

There is the aggressive learner. 

Putting intensity and internal pressure on the act of learning.

This drive, and habit, often yields a great deal of learning. 

Then there is the learner who learns at their own pace.

The aggressive learner might say this learner is slow. 

They may even call them dumb.

But this person learns.

They grow and evolve as best as they know how. 

To them, there is progress. And that is enough. There are other priorities in life. 

Both learners either learn in private or public.

The private learner learns alone. 

They may buy courses. Read books. Even when they learn in public, they often feel alone.

The public learner is ok with how others see them.

They have a different relationship with being vulnerable. 

They are ok to make mistakes in front of others. 

They are ok to not be perfect. 

Which person are you?

How does your learning style serve the future you are living into?

By Matthew Gallizzi. Consultant. Thinking Partner. Strategic Advisor. He believes our language creates our world. He equips business leaders as they live into their future vision.

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