The Mental Diet Game

The Mental Diet Game

Let's play a game. 

Underneath this game is a bet.

I bet that everything you want is outside the realm of what you know how to create for yourself.

After all, if you had what you desired, you wouldn't desire it...

Of course, perhaps I'm mistaken and you are satisfied and at peace with who you are and what you have and where you are.

Now, the game.

The game is to go on a diet. 

A mental diet. 

In this game, consume differently. 

Feed your mind differently.

Mess with your thinking. 

... because if you don't, your thinking will give you what it's always given you.

And let's face it, that likely won't get you what you really want.

Change up your mental diet.

Change what you allow into your world.

Change the words you allow in.

Change the books you read, if you read.

Change how you read.

Change the speed by which you know how to exist. 

Change the media you consume. Maybe that's social media. Maybe it's the news. 

Allow a new realm of language to bury your senses.

Do this for one month and let me know how it goes.

By Matthew Gallizzi. Known as the Business Consultant who creates new possibilities through conversation and technology. His results include time savings, revenue gains, personal value and business value.

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