The Power of Proactive Construction (Of Your World)

The Power of Proactive Construction (Of Your World)

I recently received an e-mail from someone I know.

His e-mail subject was simple, yet powerful.

I have had the honor of calling him a friend, a colleague, and a client.

His e-mail subject was: “Why are we here?”

Having had on-going discussions with Chris about this, I know the answer is something he values.

The answer he constructed for himself and his agency, in short: “We're here to help people help people.”

They support people who support others.

They serve leaders who lead others.

They are the backbone of several of today’s latest thought leaders.

Having had a glimpse into the world of Chris Yoko, and his web agency, I have seen firsthand the care they put into their service, and the clients they have supported, and where their clients show up.

It is easy for me to say that I value what Chris has done for himself and his company. He has proactively constructed his world. Let me explain why I value it.

Proactive construction is intentionally constructing the world you believe in.

To start, I’ve seen the side effects of what happens when you don’t invest in proactive construction.

When you don’t invest, you float.

You float like a log lost in a vast ocean.

You crave more, you want more, you feel there is more, and little do you know that the only difference between some of the “most successful” people on the planet and yourself is that the proactive person often constructed their world. In time, they constructed who they are and the things they do.

I have seen what happens when you don’t proactively construct who you are and what you create. You can experience pain, and suffering, and hardship, and struggle. Or maybe you don't experience this, but you feel stuck. You wonder when it will end because you do not understand how you are creating this reality for yourself.

This is not about being lucky, or being born with magical superpowers, or anything mystical, or having the best of childhoods. This is simply about doing what Chris has done and investing in himself, and who he is, and what he is doing with his time on this thing we were all thrown into (called “life”).

When construction is powerful, it is strong, unyielding, and possibly filled with love and fun and meaningful work (if you value those things).

This is about how you choose to construct your life.

This is about taking ownership over who you are and the things you create in the world.

This is not about alignment with your external reality.

This is about alignment with your internal reality.

The one you choose for yourself. The one that aligns with who you are.

When you do this, life and business can become less about the things you do and about who you are being. Being is foundational. Doing is the result of your foundation.

When you choose proactive construction, you become powerful.

You become powerful because you understand how you create the power to your world.

You become powerful because you align who you are with what you do.

I believe self-awareness is powerful. It connects you to the being that powers you.

I wonder what our world would be like if more human beings chose proactive construction.

I wonder what is possible for our species if this truth were taught at a young age.

I wonder what is possible if you were to proactively construct, with endless possibility, everything you experience.

(This includes constructing the space for adventure)

These possibilities either scare you or inspire you.

PS. If you want to learn more about what Chris is up to, check his agency out

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