Self As Parts

Self As Parts

Parts versus the whole.

A full being versus parts of a being. 

Our language can be "I am anxious" or a "part of me feels anxious."

Our language can be "I am this" or a "part of me feels this."

You can swap in and out whatever you choose...

What language do you think is more powerful and has a greater affect on self? 

When we speak over our whole body or when we see parts of who we are? 

Imagine saying "I am stressed" versus "a part of me is stressed." 

Which version do you think creates more stress? 

What if stress is self-induced by our language? 

When someone says...

"I am overwhelmed."

or "I am depressed."

or "I am stressed." 

What if this isn't about what's going on in the outside environment...

What if it's about what's going on in the inside environment? 

What if this language and physical indicator and un-ease speak about our relationship with self.

What if all these labels and identifiers are the sum total of our parts not being honored? 

I wonder if this would serve you if you saw yourself in parts instead of one whole.

By Matthew Gallizzi. Known as the Business Consultant who creates new possibilities through conversation and technology. His results include time savings, revenue gains, personal value and business value.

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