The Split-Second Instinct

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The Split-Second Instinct


An inborn pattern of activity.

The innate impulse within.

The tendency. 

Sometimes referred to as intuition.

The split-second Instinct. 

If you are present, then you know how to listen to your instinct. 

You know what happens when you listen to it. 

You know what happens when you don't listen to it. 

I am reminded of my school days when they say to choose the answer that came first. 

To respect and honor instinct. 

Too often, we ignore this instinct.

Too much sensory overload.

Too much input.

Too many marketing campaigns influencing thoughts and actions.

Too many voices in the mind. 

This abundance of possibilities can separate us from who we are.

And as such, the default path is to disrespect our instinct.

To defy it.

To go against all our wisdom and knowledge stored within the cells of our body that gives us a simple knowing.

This instinct is cheap. It is free. It is very, very fast. It is powerful.

And yet, it is the most undervalued piece of who we are when we are not aware of it. 

If this resonates with you, slow down. 

Slow down enough to see the split-second instinct within.

And honor yourself enough to live a life aligned with it. 

By Matthew Gallizzi. Consultant. Thinking Partner. Strategic Advisor. He believes our language creates our world. He equips business leaders as they live into their future vision.

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