Two Relations With Language

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Two Relations With Language

There was a time when I would live within the meaning of language.

My focus was not on the language, it was on what the language meant to me. 

When I say "language," I'm referring to any words I hear or read on any medium.

In my early years, I lived within the meaning of language.

My meaning of language.

I began to see that others could have a different meaning with words than I do. 

When I became aware of my meaning, and the meaning others hold in language, I then began to see beyond the meaning.

When I heard or read language instead of being captivated by meaning I began to see differently.

I began to see what is true for those around me.

I began to pay attention to the nuances and shifts in energy as others spoke. 

I began to notice how fast, or slow, others spoke. 

Instead of listening and thinking, "This is truth" I began to think, "This is what is true for the author." 

This allowed me to examine the world around me and what I decided to accept. 

When I lived within the meaning of language, I could often find myself powerless to the meaning. 

Powerless to another person's version of reality that they had learned to create for themselves. 

When I learned to better understand the context of language, I found myself having power over my language.

No longer did it have power over me. 

How do you relate to language?

By Matthew Gallizzi. Consultant & Confidant. He believes our language creates our world. He equips business leaders as they live into their future vision.

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