Two Relations With Language

Two Relations With Language

There was a time when I would live within the meaning of language.

My focus was not on the language, it was on what the language meant to me. 

When I say "language," I'm referring to any words I hear or read on any medium.

In my early years, I lived within the meaning of language.

My meaning of language.

I began to see that others could have a different meaning with words than I do. 

When I became aware of my meaning, and the meaning others hold in language, I then began to see beyond the meaning.

When I heard or read language instead of being captivated by meaning I began to see differently.

I began to see what is true for those around me.

I began to pay attention to the nuances and shifts in energy as others spoke. 

I began to notice how fast, or slow, others spoke. 

Instead of listening and thinking, "This is truth" I began to think, "This is what is true for the author." 

This allowed me to examine the world around me and what I decided to accept. 

When I lived within the meaning of language, I could often find myself powerless to the meaning. 

Powerless to another person's version of reality that they had learned to create for them. 

When I learned to better understand the context of language, I found myself having power over my language.

No longer did it have power over me. 

How do you relate to language?

By Matthew Gallizzi. Known as the Business Consultant who creates new possibilities through conversation and technology. His results include time savings, revenue gains, personal value and business value.

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