What Can You Learn From This Expert Comedian?

What Can You Learn From This Expert Comedian?

The expert comedian is an artist. A creator.

And she is a professional. An ace.

When she takes the stage, crowds notice.

While she can captivate an audience of a dozen, she can also captivate thousands.

After all, she’s the expert comedian.

Perfectly timed humor, controlled facial expressions, and she knows when to drop the punch.

On the outside, she appears confident. Well poised.

Authentic to who she is and what she does.

She’s natural and present in who she is.

A non-stop state of flow, if you will.

True. Rhythmic.

She possess an ability to create connection and to hold space unlike any other comedian.

After all, she is an expert, remember?

She earned this title among the people for being the best at what she does.

Perhaps, even, she referred to herself as such at one point in time.

Her ability to manipulate unseen energies among people is unfathomable.

The expertise I speak of may not be what you think.

For the expertise I speak of is known only to one person, and that is the comedian herself.

The comedian becomes the expert when she is aware of what she is doing.

And I am not speaking about the simple awareness of being able to make another human laugh.

The awareness expands greater than that. For example.

Aware of her power to captivate (manipulate?) dozens or thousands.

Aware of her power to stop time, hold space, and provoke laughter.

Awareness, after all, is only known to the beholder.

But it goes deeper.

I am speaking of the awareness to where the underlying strength of skill came from.

And more importantly, what the expert comedian gets out of the skill.

You see, to the outsider, the comedian makes people laugh.

But to the insider, to the beholder of awareness and the expertise, something else may be received.

Something beyond laughter.

Maybe, validation. Or belonging.

Maybe, the ability to influence others was a necessity for life or death of loved ones.

Maybe, the ability to be funny was a coping mechanism to deal with the chaos life can bring.

Maybe, the refined skill was required for something as simple, and powerful, as human connection.

Whatever it is, only the beholder of awareness knows.

The comedian becomes a true expert when she knows what she gets out of her greatest skill.

She becomes an expert when she stops chasing.

Chasing validation.

Chasing belonging.

Chasing survival.

Chasing security.

Chasing human connection.

She becomes an expert when she is no longer a slave to the thing she once chased.

She becomes an expert when she transcends the need to chase.

She becomes an expert when she does not need to do in order to be. 

She simply knows how to be. 

Confident. Well poised. Powerful.

An expert at her skill.

An expert in her body.

An expert at being who she is best, herself.

Matthew Gallizzi is an expert at equipping entrepreneurs with the self-awareness and mindset that results in more freedom and greater impact. He believes self-awareness empowers entrepreneurs in reaching the highest levels of success.

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