The Strength You Get From Letting Go (Of Everything?)

The Strength You Get From Letting Go (Of Everything?)

We want what we don’t have.

Many entrepreneurs value (and want) freedom.

If you crave freedom, the question I wonder is, how do you see that you are not already free?

What imprisons you?

What are you holding onto?

What are you not letting go of?

We want what we don’t have.

If you want freedom, how do you see that you are not free?

The patterns I have observed, first in myself and then in my clients, have revealed themselves.

If you want freedom, let go of the things that imprison you.

I know I’ve been there. I’ve given my freedom away to my vision, my wants, and to others. And I had to learn how to set myself free.

Let go of everything and see what happens.

Let go of expectations.

Let go of the people closest to you.

Let go of your closest friends.

Let go of your family.

Let go of your dreams.

Let go of your identity.

Let go of your language.

Let go of the meaning behind your language.

Let go of who you think you are.

Where will this leave you, I wonder?

I know where it has left me.  

This process has left me finding strength in who I am.

It has allowed me to find peace in silence and stillness. It is a serene feeling.

I remember when I was trapped by my external environment. Because I fought for my freedom, I looked at people who seemed peaceful and I saw them as weak. That was my judgment, and it limited my growth.

Let me be clear, I am not saying not to care. I am not saying not to love. I am saying to let go. Enough.

When we let go, we create the space for new construction. Mindful construction of the world that we believe in. Mindful construction over who we are.

When you do not do this, you are like the 5-year-old child given a set of tools and told to build a home to live in. You don’t know about weather, foundations, or quality materials. You build your home as a child and then one day you call it “reality.”

Let go of it.

What could happen if you let go of everything?

What could happen when things do not go as you expect? 

What could happen when someone insults you with words?

What could happen when someone or something attacks or threatens your identity?

When you let go, you can be strong because you remain unaffected. You can be stable and secure in who you are.

Instead of responding emotionally and without thought, you respond like the actor in a movie. You are separate from your reality.

Learn to slow down to let go.

Rebuild and prioritize life in a way that gives you strength.

This is about self-awareness and life mastery that can support you in any journey.

When you are strong, you can create the world you believe in.

And that is a pursuit I value.

Learn about how your judgements can affect you.

Matthew Gallizzi is an expert at equipping entrepreneurs with the self-awareness and mindset that results in more freedom and greater impact. He believes self-awareness empowers entrepreneurs in reaching the highest levels of success.

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